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The magic of the “I’s” in team here at the Manor

The magic of the “I’s” in team here at the Manor

As we all know healthcare is a field that is constantly growing. It is a job that requires team work and adaptation to all the day to day changes. It takes a special type of person to work in healthcare. One of the key elements to any facility is how well your staff functions as a team. This isn’t easy to find, nor create. It almost has to come natural. Growing up and even still to this day, we all have been told “there is no I in team,” and for the most part I agree. You have to take a step back sometimes and really dig deep into the wants and needs of employee’s. No matter how good your “team” is, you have to review each employee as an individual. What puts Continental Manor in a separate category than other facilities, in my opinion, is the employee engagement. Instead of the strict no personal touch administration usually takes in this kind of field, from the moment I walked in the door at the Manor it felt different. The focus here is on the individual first and then how that person’s talents contribute to the team. It feels good to get acknowledged for almost just being the way you are. The “I” in team here is looking at each person’s integrity, initiative, invaluable diversity, and individual talents. It allows you to grow with the company. At the end of the day when you clock out, you feel like you have made a positive impact in your personal growth in addition to knowing you’re an integral part of the Continental Manor Family.

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